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 OPISMS:  Quotes by OP 

A phrontistery (from the Greek phrontistes 'thinker') is meant to be a thinking-place for reflection and intellectual stimulation".


I am the creator of this word.  I write quotes and document them.  I have come up with this term as my nick name is Op and they are quotes representing a moral doctorine belief system.  Thus Op+ism=Opism.  I have a collection of Opisms here to share with you. 


“What we think in our heads is not always apparent in our step”

“Insanity makes sanity possible” 

“A smile is better induced than a frown ignored” 

“When you leave this life, the things you create stay behind.” 

"One comment when said can mean many things; it's how it is said that counts”

"If you worry about events in the future you are missing the gift of today!"

“Focus on the good and make it that much better” 

“Success climbs on the steps of failure!”  

“You can never outrun Karma” 

“Deny the misery and drink more coffee” 

“Little things make all the difference” 

“There are spaces between raindrops and time between tears!” 

“Stay the course………………and then one step further! “

“focus on every moment as a memory being made!”  

“A man without a conscience is not a man to love”   …beware women!

“Mistakes are made but solutions are endless!” 

“You never know when you touch a life; but to know you did is a wonderful gift.”  

“When we sing we sound the same.  Accents gone and voices remain”  

“Life is too short yet so long at times.” 

“Nothing prepares you for life but life itself.”

 “It takes much strength to be positive but when you have it around you it makes you stronger!

We are all contributors; this awareness is the key!” 

“It is a minute well spent when undoing an unpleasant second of time”

“All the power to you for doing it” 

“You never know the next step in life, so make each one count.”

“What we don’t know in life, we will not seek.”    

“You never get a second chance to recreate the memories currently being made” 

“All the power to a woman with a plan” 

“If you don't pray, you lose your way” 

“Weakness is a state of mind” 

(Weakness is a state of mind.  You control the mind; Flexibility starts there!  Think it; then do it!)

“Life's bad moments make the good moments that more important”

“The goal is to reach a balance that ultimately contributes to our contentment” 

“All good has it's bad”  

"A crutch to lean on

Strong and secure

It's there for you.

But it's not a cure"  

“Kill with kindness and be proud of your own actions” 

“A smile to cover the inner you; will do nothing but help you” 

"Brave fingers type mighty words but when in person they’re never heard". 

“Keep you head up high because the only way you are going is up"

"A question unanswered is a stigma forever." 

"What if's don't exist when answers are granted so".

“Mistakes are opportunities in disguise|

“The mystery of today becomes the history of tomorrow.”  

“Your mind is the ultimate leader of your thoughts that control your life;  No one else is in there but you!”     (Sharing something about perception; quantum physics; Cheers…Inspired by my daily thought…“The world is exactly like the way you think it is, and that’s why.”     -John A. Woods) 

"The rest of life lives in front of yesterday".

“We are all customers of one thing or another on this planet.

“It hurts to love and makes you miserable to hate.” 

“Time lapsed is time questioned”

“Only time can pass but a memory stays forever” 

“You are the only one in control of the life you own.’ 

“Falling and rising alone takes longer to get up; falling amongst friends makes the rise a little quicker”

“Life is a journey and if we ignore the scene; then life was not lived.” 

"Nothing is the absence of something".

“You only have on your plate what you put there.” 

“Remember your life as one that makes a difference.” 

“Wear a smile upon your face; it makes the world a better place.” 

" Reflection helps the mind when we can't rewind; if you don't look where your steps lead you, then change your shoe".

"Backwards is not the way forward, and forward releases the past"

"Your lead by example and actions speak more than words"

"With gifts come curses".

 "Look in the mirror and only you can see your soul with him!" 

"Half the battle is knowing your problem""

" There is no better connection than the one with yourself"

"Follow the glow from the light within"

"If I hire someone to bake a cake, I shouldn't have to worry about the recipe!"

“If I hire a baker to bake a cake I shouldn't have to worry about the baking of it". All instructions should be clear between baker and buyer. The goal of the cake as the buyer sees it should be the baker's concern!  That is service!

"The branch fell from the tree and the tree came tumbling after".

“Be happy; it's your own state of mind that gives you power!  You control your thoughts; and thoughts are just pictures in your head.  If you don't like what you see.  Move on”. We can't do this for others; Just ourselves. Be proud; all the power to you!”  


“Perfectionism is in  itself nothing but short from being perfect.” 

Opism 2017-

"I am who I am because I've lived and learned and will continue to evolve."  Opism

Thur Mar 2 2017

"No one can take your integrity and dignity  unless you let them". Opism

Sun Mar 12 2017

"Sometimes the blind see better than the un-blind". Opism

Fri Mar 17 2017

"You have many roads in life to chose from but only one path will be taken." Opism. SunMar 26 2017

Written for Toria grad quote

"The friends we have today are friends we may have never met in person! ". Opism. 

So sad   Inspired from Linkedin post. Tue mar 28 2017

"A life of misery is not a life at all" Opism. tue mar 28 2017

"Sometimes the best connection is a disconnection." Opism. Fri Mar 31 2017

"Live what you teach and learn while you lead". Opism. Sat April 1 2017

"Don't look down to the floor; it's not there anymore keep your head up high where it belongs. Hear my words and sing my songs".

Opism. Fri April 6 2017.

"Please lord shine upon your children and help us through. Let your miracles be known and asked for- for if we don't ask we miss the ride in your hands!"  Opism. Sat April 7 2017

Happy Saturday ladies!  A daily Though!  I miss sending them:). Lisa and Bea!!!!

"Physical pain is easier to deal with than emotion scars". Opism. Sat April 8 2017

 "My God! why  in retrospect do we see it all but never do we notice the fall" Opism! Mon April 10 2017

"Excellence is achieved in what after you has succeed!" Opism. Tue April 11 2017

'No ones happy who doesn't show it!!!'    Opism. Wed April 12 2017

"Wise words come from those often over looked!!!"  Opism Thus April 13 2017

"Single minded questioned soul;  you prowl the prey in doles; I pity your tortured mind and heart; but not me will you tear apart!"  Opism Fri April 14 2017

"Passion for justification knows no limits". Opism. Mon April 17 2017 

"One small moment; one small gesture; one tiny word or or one momentary lapse of reason can affect the path of another in one enormous way!" Opism. Sat April 22 2017

"There road in life is always unpredictable. What is controllable is how you look at it!"  Opism. Sat April 29 2017

"If you always live in the past then you are missing your future. At some point you have nothing to look back on because you spent all your future moments on yesterday!"  Opism Sun April 30 2017

"In person its human!!!  On paper it's ruin!"  Opism. Mon May 1 2017

"The word written is mightier than the action in person!" ( another Opism)

"Life is full of the drama you  chose to ignore or control you." Opism. Fri May 52017

You never know what's around the corner but time flies and there are many corners."  Opism. Mon May8 2017

"All wars start with a lack of love.". Opism. Tue May 92017

 "Yelling and swearing falls upon deaf ears" Opism Tue May 9 2017

"It is from those to whom have so little we learn the greatest of lessons!"  Opism. Wed May 10 2017

"To question ones own sanity

Proves just how sane they be!"  Opism. Tue may 16 2017

"The need to identify integrity is the ability to know ones limits and build upon the strengths. " opism. Tue May 30 2017

"Sadly people who forget the rippling affect also forget the end results!  There is no rewind in life!  Even comedy needs limits". Opism. Wed may 31 2017

"How do you justify a sense of entitlement to those who have nothing?" Opism. Mar 18 2015. FB memory

"When I awake the day seems long

When all I've done appears so wrong
God give me strength to carry on
Even birds never lose their song."
Opism. Sat June 24 2017
Inspired by Paul Anthony 

"Every fall hits the ground; but when you rise you have no limits!!!!"  Opism. Sun July 2 2017

"When ever you anticipate time to go by it takes forever". Opism. Thur June 29 2017

"Lord help me not to be the evil that I see." Opism. Sun July 2 2017. -Tor and I had on a nice visit with Tanya's 

"We may learn to wake up but take time to be awake. " Opism. Thursday July 6 2017

And "When you think you can't let go; look inside and you will grow." Opism thur July 6 2017

Indeed. "My cards. My hand. Life is learning the game!" Opism. Fri July 7 2014

"Life is about packing in knowledge; experiencing the lessons and living the quest; filtering; and shedding the crap!"  When completed you leave!"  Opism. Sat July 8 2017

"To acknowledge a loss is indeed a win". Opism. Mon July 10 2017

"You must Know in order to do!" Opism. Tue July 11 2017

"If a soldier should smile. He'd never battle!"  Opism. Thur July 20 2017

"It's harder to receive forgiveness in heaven when you never sought it on earth". Opism. Wed July 26 2017

"From a narcissist in a trap;  you must run and don't look back". Opism. Thursday July 27 2017

"Life's shit has to be hell. Peace is so hard to attain and yet we are told to find it. So hard!!!  But can be done!  Don't lose faith!!"

Opism!  Sat July 29 2017

"Sometimes we forget. 

Sometimes we regret 


sometimes we wish 

the two never met!"

  Opism   Sat July 29 2017

"Every tide has an ebb". Opism. Thursday Aug 3 2017

"Easy to read; hard to follow!" Opism   sun july 6 2017

" You are allowed to feel but remember you can control the thoughts that hurt you!" Opism  Wed aug 9 2017

"We fight with hope. We hope with love and with love we find peace". Opism. Thur Aug 10 2017

"Life is not painless but it can be shameless". Opism. Sat aug 12 2017