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The Journey

Words on Mental Illness  (letter form)


The Journey

     Today I am starting; starting to talk; and it`s on paper now.  I have given years of thought on this and now I will start with a written synapse of feelings. Uh oh, there`s the word everybody fears; ``feelings``.  Instant freeze!  We all have the same access to a bank of emotions connected to the vast associations involved within the one word. When mentioned, immediate floodgates of memories and experiences   alter our perception of the NOW.  Perception:  The powerful source of how we live and interact within our various domains.  Domains that vary across everyone`s path.  No two paths are alike and each is a different experience interconnected within the degrees of separation that bring us together or pull us apart!  What is it within each and every one of us that makes us an individual piece of the intricate puzzle of life?  Why are tears flowing for both happiness and sadness?  Why does energy flow in both anger and love?  What is it that makes the ``fight or flight`` response an individual interpretation of how to react?  The answer lies within every choice we make.  At the end the answers are available.  The interesting part though, is that it cannot be shared.  It`s the secret of the grave and thus remains a secret never to be revealed.  This is the meaning of life.  To live in search of the secret.  Everyone has the same quest within their individual journey.  Every perception of this secret makes life an interesting quest.  It`s not the type of journey you take, but how well you perceive this journey.

Words on Mental Illness (letter form)

Sent to comfort


I wrote this some time ago. I thought it would be nice for you to read. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of the desperation we have as humans when we feel alone. Inner demons are a constant in life. Some may call them mental health??? My theory is that these demons are meant for us to cope with and everybody has a different personal and internal battle. The ability to deal with them is measured by society as our label for mental illness; Severity measured in how we cope and the tools needed to do so…. God’s work is layered below and we have evolved to theoretical subjection. OK, was that a little deep or what? God is there for us and he knows we need him. He has the answers we are so desperately seeking as the human race. This is freedom of will. Always remember that. We are all here for you to and you are not alone. Many of us have internal battles that only God can see. So we turn to him and give ourselves! I love you my dear! May God cradle you and let you heal; for that is what we seek.

Love Me