Poems & More for the Soul

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A genuine and sensitive author trying to reach deep and cultivate an experience where one is not alone!  Encouragement and Integrity are partnered with honesty and truthfulness to help anyone who seeks it.

Moments hit me out of the blue and paper and pen are needed fast; I never know when it will hit me next.

I dream to inspire, motivate and encourage; yet the dark exists and  outweighs the light at times.  If we do not feel alone; there lies the essence of HOPE. ! am a certified yoga teacher.  " There is no better connection than the one with yourself"  I believe that no matter what you do, inside of us all is the calling for something meaningful.  Being empathetic and sensitive; I hope you are able to find some comfort or entertainment within your mind's eye to be inspired from within.  Namaste' to you all. Always remember to enjoy your journeys; all of them.



My children are an inspiration to me.

My family was given to me

God loves me

I believe in me